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HomeImage Effects for Mac OS  v.1.2

Provides a nice set of effects for juicing up your photos or creating custom images. Use any of more then 100 Core Image Effects and Filters from Mac OS X, or custom image generators. - 50 image masks added (custom mask filter), - interface

Effectbank  v.

The Effectbank application was designed to be a free software that lets you add mind exploding image effects to your photos with a few simple clicks. Effect types: · Greyscale effects · Dithering · Color effects · Color conversions ·

ImageStone  v.7.0

ImageStone is designed as a simple and powerful C++ class library for specially designed for image manipulation. Its features include load, save, display, transformation, and nearly 100 special image effects. The library can be used across multiple

TKexe Kalender  v.

Other features include support for personal events, public holidays (10 countries), image effects, gradients and more. The interface and workflow are a little rough and appear to be in early stages, but with some dedication, the program lets you

IconLab  v.1.1

IconLab is a compact, feature-packed icon editor. It is distributed as freeware. IconLab can both create and edit anything from monochrome icons to the 32-bit semi-transparent icons. With the help of a good assortment of tools and image effects

The J Maker

The J Maker specializes in dynamic web design using Java. It has many programs in image effects, animation, and many

SpotColorFX for Mac OS  v.2.0

Allows spot color image effects to easily be applied to your image files, and also allows them to be combined with other coloring and lighting effects. - Refined the spot color effect algorithms for the various built in styles selectable from the

Gifresize_lite  v.1.01

Gif Animation Resizer Cleanly Resizes All Gif Images Including Animations. A lite web based frontend to gifsicle Allows scaling, or manual resizing with simple image effects. grayscale, black and white, rotate, flip, etc. Scale or manualy resize any

Fresco  v.1.0

Fresco is a graphical application that aims to simplify the most common image effects by achieving desired subtle effects via only a few clicks!Features include, Crop, Resize, Reflections, Borders, Shadows, Perspective, and many more to come!

CloudPhoto  v.1.0

CloudPhoto is a light photo browser program from SoftArt-Mill. It is intended to be used in the portable devices with embedded Linux. It supports viewing image file,zoom, move,file management, slide show,image effects. Currently, It can be run on E680.

Libcvfx  v.1.0

libcvfx is a image effects library using OpenCV. Many effects are inspired by these other applications, and some are simply ports from other projects, such as effectv.

Pixelitor for Linux  v.1.1.2

Pixelitor is a free and open source image editing software that supports layers, image effects, multiple undo etc.

Free Image InDepth  v.

SID Image In Depth is the professional standard in digital imaging, with an endless selection of drawing tools, filters, and color-adjustment capabilities for manipulating items in almost any way. Offers unique,wide and varity features.

Free Image Viewer  v.

free image viewer is a unique and feature rich Image Viewer. It is released as free software with full source code. Imgv is portable and can run on Windows, Linux, BSD, OSX, and other operating systems.

Image Tricks  v.2.4.1

Image Tricks 2.4.1 is especially an amazing application to edit and generate images. This is a freeware application for editing your photos and images using Mac OS X Core Image filters that transform your photos and apply advanced visual effects.

IconCool Editor  v.6.20.121120

Powerful icon editor and cursor maker to edit icons, cursors and small web graphics. You can create icons from images of 25 formats or edit icons in exe, dll or icl. Supports 60 image filters, desktop capture, Vista icon editing and more.

Altarsoft Photo Editor  v.1.51

Program for image editing and screenshots capture. Main features: - images editing - layers support - capture screenshots - apply filters - draw lines and shapes - import from camera - print images

PhotoFiltre  v.1.0

PhotoFiltre is a complete image editing and effects package, that will not only amaze you with features but also the fact that it is free (for personal use). It comes with many features that rival some commercial packages, as well as additional

Free Icon InDepth  v.

Icon In Depth works like a Swiss Army Knife of icon & cursor manipulation. Features find & manage icons on your system, image-editing features such as effects, filters, rotation, cropping, as well as a huge color palette, easy-to-use editor that has

ImageLobe for Mac OS  v.4.03

Easily apply powerful visual effects to your images. It uses new Quartz Composition effects that are built into Leopard. Over 40 sophisticated visual effects available. Simply drag an image onto the app, select an effect and then drag the image back

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